2019 Programme

9th January
Members Meeting
  6th February
Bob Harding Jones
Can I Help You? I'm a Paramedic!
6th March
Quintis Benziger
Songs Through the Ages
3rd April
Blood Runners
Charity who deliver blood, samples and emergency plasma to hospitals on motorbikes. 
1st May
Lady Funeral Director Louise Keeble
Sensitive presentation about various sorts of funerals people request with information on the whole procedure.
5th June
Carol James: Confessions of a Jewellery Junkie
Talk on fashion jewellery.
3rd July
Birthday Party!
Burlesque Belles
Talk, performance and workshop.
7th August
Harriet Ferris-Lay
Re-Shape Beauty
4th September
Richard Humphries: A Life in the Silk Trade
2nd October
Craft Session
6th November
Geri Jones: Landscape Painter and Art Teacher at SWCHS.
5th December
Christmas Party!
Amanda Sutherland: Costumier to Accessory Business.